13 tips for designing and decorating your terrace

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The beautiful days are fast approaching and with them, the desire to create a welcoming outdoor space. A brief overview of everything you need to know.

Balconies and terraces are living rooms in their own right, where neither comfort nor decoration is neglected. No more plastic furniture, make way for real generous and comfortable seats.

We give you our 13 tips for arranging them well.

1 – I want shade

Good to know: for effective protection against UV rays, choose a shade sail or a parasol with fine, tight mesh.

2 – I want a sober garden furniture

If you opt for a sober living room in black and gray, accessorize it with textiles with ethnic motifs. Choose them that are water-repellent or designed to stay outside, this will prevent you from having to bring them inside every night.

3 – I change places depending on the sun

Our advice: prefer modular and light furniture to adapt the configuration of your terrace according to your activities.

4 – I want efficient lighting

For a friendly atmosphere, install several moderate and indirect light sources (wall lamps, directional lamp…of 20/30 watts) rather than just one very powerful one.

5 – The right parasol

Think of the offset parasol to put a table in the shade. You won’t be bothered by your foot and you can orient it throughout the day without having to move it.

6- I want to customize palettes

If you have a space under an awning to arrange, stack pallets and cover them with mattresses, with matching backrests for maximum comfort.

Our advice: there are also covers to cover pallets that transform these recycled items into stylish furniture.

7 – I adopt an outdoor rug

Graphic patterns, trompe-l’oeil… Vinyl carpets are the ideal solution to bring rhythm to our balconies and terraces. They also make it possible to visually delimit spaces and hide imperfections in the floor.

8- I choose coffee tables

Small tables alone energize an outdoor living room. Small bonus, once the season is over, they can easily find their place inside.

9 – I want a palm tree

Choose them according to the climate in your area. Some palms are very chilly, while others have the ability to withstand sub-zero temperatures. The more they resist the cold, the more they are said to be “rustic”.

10 – I protect myself from neighbors

To protect yourself from the view of neighbours, install wooden or metal trellising. If you prefer vegetation, consider greedy or flowering hedges

11 – I want braided rope furniture

Braided rope furniture is the big trend of the summer. It is available with natural or synthetic materials, both on armchairs and on sofas. Our advice: add woven rattan lanterns that will echo the furniture

12 – I have a house

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