How to choose your family car?

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Your family is growing, your needs are changing… In a family, the birth of a new child is often the time to change vehicles. And, to opt for the purchase of a more spacious family car. In new as in opportunity, then not easy to make your choice, so much the offer has expanded in recent years: SUV or sedan? Minivan or station wagon? Which model to choose? What car to buy? How to find the ideal family car for you and your passengers? Number of children, space on board, trunk volume, modularity… What are the main criteria for choosing a family car?

What is the best family car?

The right choice of car will first depend on your family (number of children, ages, main routes, etc.). It will therefore be dictated by your needs, your expectations. In this regard, each family vehicle model will have its advantages and disadvantages, depending on your family unit and your habits. They therefore differ according to each family and each situation.

Which cars for a large family (of 5 people or more)?

Derived from sedans, station wagons have an elongated roof to the rear of the vehicle. This makes it possible to enlarge the size of their passenger compartment and the height of the trunk, to offer greater modularity .

The traditional “road saloon” segment retains a status image among many motorists . Generally equipped with fairly powerful engines , they allow you to travel long distances by prioritizing the comfort of the driver and passengers. We recommend that you monitor the following elements: their consumption in the first place, their habitability, the size of the trunk, and its loading, which is often much less obvious than with a minivan, station wagon or MPV.

What are the criteria to consider when choosing a spacious car?

To choose the ideal family car, the most spacious car , you will have to take into account a few essential criteria, and make your own choices.

It all depends on the number of children. Up to two children , all family cars are suitable. Even if minivans and MPVs, with wider openings, and sometimes sliding, with a raised floor, will be more practical for installing toddlers in their child seat and carrying all the equipment that accompanies them in the trunk.

From three children , the passenger compartment and the trunk volume of sedans and station wagons can quickly become too small. For a good compromise between comfort and roominess, you will prefer a minivan, a MPV or an SUV .

What family car with a large trunk?

Between your luggage and strollers, carrycots, high chairs and other booster seats…, with young children, the trunk of your car can quickly fill up. For a couple with two children, a minimum trunk volume of 500 liters is highly recommended. A threshold that you will have to quickly exceed for more peace of mind, and to be comfortable in all circumstances.

Interior functionality and equipment

Depending on your needs and typical routes, some family cars will be more suitable than others. If, for example, you regularly make long journeys , opt for sedan or station wagon models instead to guarantee better driving comfort and more space for your passengers. Large or blended families whose needs may change from one weekend to the next, don’t neglect an additional third row of seats to transport up to 7 people.


Which model to choose? Whether new or used, when buying a car, reason should always prevail over passion . Choose a widespread model with proven reliability rather than the “unique” model with recurring breakdowns and numerous recalls . Also remember, if you ever hope to resell your new acquisition, that some brands will always have a better rating than others.


To be able to drive on our roads, all models sold in Europe are subject to very strict approval procedures for their passive and active safety, by Euro NCAP. However, just like security, these procedures have evolved over time. So if your budget allows it, the choice of a recent vehicle is preferable. Because it will guarantee you access to the latest technological advances, particularly in terms of active safety, as well as the manufacturer’s warranty.

Maintenance and its cost

In an investment like that of a family car, the price remains the sinews of war, as does the method of financing: cash purchase, credit or rental with option to purchase . The budget you have will necessarily guide your choice. Among the most affordable models, without losing versatility and comfort, we will therefore find MPVs. Followed by minivans, then according to the makes and models, sedans, station wagons, and SUVs.

How to choose the best family electric car?

Electric vehicles are now available in all ranges : SUVs, MPVs, sedans, station wagons, etc. In addition to the criteria seen above for a family car, also consider range and battery charging speed. We have listed for you the criteria for selecting an electric car in this article ” How to choose the right electric car? “.

Which hybrid family car to choose?

Not easy either today to make a choice with this type of engine. We have already addressed the subject on our site, in particular the question of the different levels of hybridization (“  Which hybrid car to choose?  ”).

As a reminder, hybrid cars only express their full potential in the urban cycle , because they again become internal combustion vehicles on the motorway. On the other hand, if you drive frequently in town or if you have to make frequent stops, you will make your purchase profitable while reducing your polluting emissions . Provided, however, that you recharge your vehicle regularly.

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