Top 30 gift ideas for a brother

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The saying goes that blood ties are strongest and a united family is a present to be cherished. Brotherly love can be playful or more tender, but whatever qualifier comes to mind when you think of your brother, we have the perfect gift for you!

Browse our list to find the perfect present that will express your affection.

1. The rotten gift mug for his brother

Some gifts speak for themselves. A great sense of humor is sometimes required, like here. The rotten gift mug for his brother will go perfectly with a kitchen apron of the same taste, for example.

2. The workshop at a We candoo craftsman

The workshop at a Wecandoo craftsman is a gift that marks for a brother. Find an ideal experience or let him choose from hundreds of workshops. He will have 2 years to reserve his experience and the possibility of exchanging it if he does not like it.

3. The Restaurant Gift Card

The Restau Gift Card is a gift idea for a brother who is greedy. You can decide how much you want. It is a card 100% dedicated to the pleasure of the taste buds and is valid at more than 550 restaurants across France.

4. The wooden cheese set with message

The wooden cheese set with message is the ideal gift for an epicurean brother. All you have to do is add the text of your choice to obtain an unforgettable personalized gift. This personalized cheese board comes with its four knives.

5.  Banksy’s book War and Spray

The book “War and Spray” by Banksy is the classic present to give to lovers of subversive and disturbing art. The British artist Banksy is recognized among other things for his works on the separation wall between Palestine and Israel and his wild installations in the largest museums in the world. A “coffee table” book, this book will bring an extraordinary touch to your decor while nourishing your love for contemporary art.

6. The Bam Box Better Than Flowers

The Better ThanFlowers Bam Box is a surprise Christmas gift for a brother. Upon opening the package, he discovers a balloon full of confetti that he must burst to discover what is hidden inside. You can choose one or more small gifts and add a little note.

7. The comic book Dans la Combi by Thomas Pesquet

All little boys have dreamed of becoming astronauts one day or another. For your nostalgic brother, give him the comic strip Dans la combi by Thomas Pesquet written by Marion Montaigne. On June 2, 2017, Frenchman Thomas Pesquet, 38, astronaut, returned to Earth after spending 6 months in the International Space Station. In this comic book , discover his hero journey, from his selection and training to his mission in the ISS and his return to Earth.

8. The chic and personalized sommelier

The chic and personalized sommelier is the ideal present to offer to your brother who loves Grands Crus. Have his name engraved on it for a unique and elegant touch and use it to open a good bottle or as a bottle opener. This high-performance sommelier for wine lovers will become the essential tool for your next aperitifs!

9. Vinyl 33 rpm clock

Watching the time has never been so stylish with the Vinyl 33 rpm clock . This clock is the ideal present for your brother who loves recycled art and original decorations. Each of the Disc’o’Clock clocks is made from recycled discs that are always different. This technique makes each handmade product absolutely unique!

10. The funny t-shirt

We all need a funny t-shirt in our wardrobe, including your brother! With his message “If you want to be close to Perfection, Pass me by”, he will certainly not go unnoticed in his next evening with friends. Offered from size S to 5XL and in four colors, you will find the perfect model without worries. And in addition, its cotton construction makes it very soft and pleasant to wear.

11. The New York Cap

The New York cap is the perfect present to offer your brother so that he can complete his casual look in style. This 100% cotton cap offers excellent protection against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, in addition to adding a sporty touch to your outfit. You will be able to choose from an array of 8 different colours, why not buy a few that will match perfectly with any New York fan outfit .

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