Wedding: 10 essential tips for the big day

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As the big day approaches, with the pressure and stress mounting, you are afraid that you won’t be able to think of everything, and this idea worries you. Don’t panic, here are our tips for tackling D-Day serenely!

#01 | make your to do list

Write down everything you have left to do and what you need to take with you on the big day. Check or cross out the task as soon as it is done. This will allow you to free your mind and calm you down.

If there are things you can delegate, take advantage of them, because you can’t refuse anything to the bride and groom!

#02 | anticipate: d – 1 week

Check your outfits: do you have everything you need? do you have both shoes of the same pair? If this makes you smile, know that brides and grooms have already found themselves with 2 shoes on the same foot… it’s a real experience!

Iron your outfits if necessary (be careful not to burn them, use a soft iron) and hang them on hangers.

Buy a bottle of Tea Tree essential Wedding oil from a pharmacy, this will save you in case of a pimple that pops up the day before or the day of the wedding because of stress… Ask your health professional for advice and do a test beforehand.

Don’t test a new face and body product the week before the wedding, because with the stress you don’t know how your skin will react!

Have a healthy diet: use and abuse fruits and vegetables, avoid alcohol, especially the day before your wedding, it would be a shame to arrive with a hangover…

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep: the day before the wedding, go to bed early to be in good shape for the day!

#03 | prepare your outfits and accessories before d-day

The D-Day schedule: this is THE essential document for your big day! Thanks to him, each service provider knows what to do and when. Unavoidable !

The planning of the evening: very useful for the caterer and the DJ in particular, this is also where the entertainment and surprises for your guests appear.

The contact details of the service providers in order to be able to contact them if necessary.

Payments from all your service providers: prepare several envelopes (one for each vendor) that you will give to a trusted person (your witness or your wedding planner) who will give them to the different service providers.

#06 | think about the details and your photos

The same day, if you wear a bustier dress or bare back, do not wear a bra to avoid marks on the back (same for socks: watch out for marks around the ankles if you wear pumps or sandals!)

Wear a top that you can easily take off without undoing your hairstyle (for example, a shirt or zipped top)

If you wear self-adhesive bra cups, do not put moisturizer on your breasts (otherwise they will not hold), but a little talcum powder

Ask the people who will be by your side for your respective dressings to get ready before you because they will be in your photos: it would be a shame if your witnesses and parents appeared next to you disheveled and in jogging!

Tidy and decorate the room where you are going to prepare carefully, because the slightest imperfection in the decor will show in your photos.

#07 | delegate

This day is yours, you just have to take care of yourself! Entrust the various tasks to your witnesses, or even better, to your wedding planner, your best ally so that everyone has a good time and everything is under control!

#08 | enjoy your guests

Some have come from afar to experience these moments with you, so they will appreciate that you devote time to them. This day passes so quickly, so at the cocktail reception, try to take advantage of the guests who are not staying for dinner, they will be delighted to spend a privileged moment with you!

#09 | think of you

Don’t forget to eat and stay hydrated! It may sound silly, but you will be approached from all sides and access to the buffet may be difficult. Remember Lily and Marshall’s wedding in the series “How I Met Your Mother”, where they end up in a fast food restaurant because they are hungry, because they could not swallow anything during their wedding reception!

Ask someone you know to regularly bring you something to eat and drink. Take advantage of your couple’s photo session to find yourself together, it’s a real breath of fresh air on this day at 100 an hour!

#10 | put into perspective, let go… Enjoy!

Hours, months of preparation to organize everything and think about the smallest detail, and the big day finally arrives! You want everything to be absolutely perfect, as you have dreamed of so many times.

Keep in mind that perfection doesn’t exist, and even if you’ve anticipated everything, you can’t control everything, and things may not turn out exactly as you imagined. On D-Day, accept the unexpected and that everything is not perfect.

Don’t forget: the most important thing is that you marry your half, and that you are surrounded by people who are important to you and who love you! Your wedding planner will be able to manage any setbacks and reassure you no matter what. This day is YOUR day, let go, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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